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On Tuesday evening, March 2, 2010,  the Darlington Community School Board approved a motion to allow planning for a community approach Four Year Old Kindergarten (4-K) in the district for the 2010/2011 school year. 

Holy Rosary School has been invited to participate as a partner in this planning process.   We expect HeadStart and others, who provide educational services to this age group, to join us in this effort to bring early education opportunites to all four year olds in our community.   If all goes well with the planning process, Darlington Community Schools will receive funding to contract with early childhood providers in the community who qualify to offer 4-K programs in their centers.   While the providers and the school district stand to gain revenue, the real winners are the 4 yr olds  and their families .  They will no longer pay tuition at  4-K sites within the program thus making 4-K  accessible to all families. 

There will be more information about the planning as it becomes available.

  •  Holy Rosary School’s 4-K teachers are licensed by the state of Wisconsin which is a key requirement for participating in a community approach 4-K program.
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